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Miscellaneous: 555-Timer Based Electronic Circuits

These electronic schematics (circuit diagrams) and kits use the 555 IC timer as part of their operation. Studying how they function in these circuits may help you gain an understanding of 555 timer functionality.

Photo: Count-Down Timer - Relay Output Switch Count-Down Timer - Relay Output Switch
Timer kits are an ever popular item with the hobbyist. This uses a 555 timer IC and goes from 8 seconds to 8192 seconds.
Photo: Multi Mode Timer Circuit Multi Mode Timer Circuit
This timer kit contains seven different timing modes using only ONE IC and some support components on a single-sided PCB.
An electronic circuit that uses a 556 (Dual timer) IC to produce a two-tone train horn sound effect. Equivalent circuit using two 555 timers (single timers) is given.
Photo: Universal Relay Timer-Switch Electronic Kit Universal Relay Timer-Switch Electronic Kit
Set this relay-based timer for anywhere from a few seconds to about 15 minutes so that you can time on/off almost anything.
Photo: Timer Circuits Relay Switches Timer Circuits Relay Switches
Timer circuits are handy for many experimenters projects, not to mention the photo lab. This kit has three separate circuits that can be used individually or together. Each circuit has a separate 5 Amp relay. Circuits operate on 9 Volt DC.
Photo: Led Dice with Slowdown Game Electronic Kit Led Dice with Slowdown Game Electronic Kit
This is an excellent kit for use as an introduction to electronics and circuit analysis. Seven LEDs arranged like a real die face. Push the switch and the die rolls and then slows down, stops. Ingenious circuit design used to minimize components. Uses 140
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A circuit with 8 LEDs that flash in a somewhat random fashion (well it's not actually at random, but it does visually appear that way).
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Flash you car's headlights on/off, either together or alternatively, with this flashing lights electronic circuits. Don't know if it's legal but it's pretty cool :)
A simple circuit that flashes an LED when a cell phone has an incoming call. Uses a coil to pick-up the signal emitted during an incoming call event. Cell phone call detector.
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Schematic for an electronic circuit that behaves as an electronic version of a Roulette wheel. Flashed 10 LEDs in sequence with slowing pace until only 1 remains illuminated.
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Complete instructions and circuit diagram for a Geiger counter meter device, which will allow you to measure radiation levels.
This super cool circuit behaves as a clapper-switch. You clap and the circuit turns on. Clap and it turns off. Great as a light clap switch.
Photo: Stepper Motor Driver Stepper Motor Driver
Drives any 5, 6 or 8 lead unipolar stepper motor. Based on the UCN5804 IC. All features of this IC
Alternative ultrasonic-whistle electronic circuit diagram schematic. Emits high pitch frequency in the 11-22 kHz range, which can be heard by dogs and other small insects.