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Make Your Car Headlights Flash On/Off

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This electronic circuit uses a 555 timer to switch a relay on/off, which in turn can be wire to your cars headlights to make them flash.

Screenshot: Make Your Car Headlights Flash On/Off

The circuit uses a single astable mode 555 times and only a few other components, so it should be very easy to construct. The circuit can be wired so that the car lights repeatedly flash in sequence (alternately) or flash together, depending on how the relay switch is wired. (wiring instruction are given)

The timing of the circuit can be controlled, so you can be a rapid flasher or a slow flasher - take your pick! There is a potentiometer used so that the rate of flashing/switching can be adjusted easily.

The NPN transistor that is used appears to be unidentified, however any NPN transistor capable of handling the relay coil should work just fine. In most cases, something small like a 2N2222 should work.

I have no idea whether or not it's actually legal to drive a car with flashing headlights on public roads, so please check that out before attempting to use it on the streets. Anyway - since this flashing circuit uses a relay, it can be used in numerous other scenarios also - not limited to controlling your car's headlights

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