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LED Circuits: LED audio Meters and VU Meters

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Schematic for an electronic audio level VU meter that uses LED's to display the volume/audio levels.
Photo: Temperature Meter LCD Temperature Meter LCD
This temperature meter uses a Harris 7106 IC as the heart of a low cost, accurate temperature meter. LCD 3-1/2 digit readout. All of the active circuits are in this one, versatile chip. In addition to temperature functions, the board includes an area for
Photo: Panel Meter 3 1/2 Digit Panel Meter 3 1/2 Digit
This LCD panel meter is a very flexible design that can be customized to your own VOLT meter or AMP meter needs. It may be customized to measure any voltage range, standard or not. Or you can customize it to measure input from a transducer; full details a
Photo: One Watt Audio Amplifier One Watt Audio Amplifier
1 Watt Audio Amplifier. 8 Ohms impedance. 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Small, few components.
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A circuit with 8 LEDs that flash in a somewhat random fashion (well it's not actually at random, but it does visually appear that way).
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Circuit diagram for an ultra low-noise driver/supply circuit for white LEDs, using the IC LTC3201. Ensures a stable brightness in white LED driven items.
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This simple stereo audio amplifier will amplify audio for your low-medium impedance headphones and give you left/right balance control
Photo: Stereo VU Meter Stereo VU Meter
This is a very eye appealing audio accessory. Displays an approximate output level for each channel of a stereo amplifier. Connects to the speaker terminal; levels are displayed in ten steps. User may select either a moving dot bar appearance. Uses two LM
Photo: Flasher Multi Sequential 5 LED Flasher Multi Sequential 5 LED
Flashes five very bright LED's in any one of seven, user-selectable, patterns. A COB (chip-on-board) IC makes assembly very easy; the chip is supplied premounted on its own board and a motherboard contains the entire circuit. Operates on 3 volts DC, batte
Photo: Sequential Flasher 5 LED Sequential Flasher 5 LED
The circuit flashes five LED's in sequence repeatedly until you turn it off. Flash rate is user adjustable. The circuit uses an IC chip on Board which you will then mount on the included mother board; battery holder is included. Powered by a 3 volt supply
This audio amplifier electronic circuit uses MOSFET transistors to create more than 25 Watts output power. Uses IRF530 and IRF9530 MOSFET transistors.
Photo: Ultrasonic Wind Speed Meter Ultrasonic Wind Speed Meter
Using ultrasonic techniques, this solid-state design has no moving parts.
Photo: Stereo Audio Amplifer - 10 Watts Stereo Audio Amplifer - 10 Watts
This kit uses the TDA2009 class AB audio amplifier IC for high quality stereo applications.
Photo: PIC LED Flasher PIC LED Flasher
Versatile light organ based on PIC microcontroller.
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Features a telephone ring generators, phone line in-use indicators and an audio interface circuit.
Describes the schematic (circuit diagram) and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for a cheap 100-150 Watt audio amplifier with few components.
Shows an electronic circuit diagram (schematic) for a simple 10 Watt audio amplifier, using only 4 transistors.
Photo: Electronic Circuit: Audio Amplifier Module Kit Electronic Circuit: Audio Amplifier Module Kit
Variable gain audio amplifier capable of powering a small speaker for personal use
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Electronic circuit schematic that works as a Hangman LED game. Fun game to play with a friend, and very educational and entertaining circuit to build.
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Schematic for an electronic circuit that behaves as an electronic version of a Roulette wheel. Flashed 10 LEDs in sequence with slowing pace until only 1 remains illuminated.
No Photo Available 18 Watt Mono Audio Amplifer
18 Watt Mono Audio Amplifier. Possible to use two for Stereo sound.