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10-LED Audio Volume Level VU Meter

Topics: LED Circuits

An interesting LED electronic circuit that works as a meter for measuring audio levels. The more LED's - the higher the audio volume!

Screenshot: 10-LED Audio Volume Level VU Meter
This circuit uses 10 LED's, 3 op-amps (operational amplifiers), 10 transistors and a few other components to create a cool audio level VU meter. The op-amps could be 3 individual 741's, or you could use something like a quad op-amp (LM324 etc..), which is a single IC with 4 op-amps.

The circuit rectifies the audio input and controls the LEDs in a logarithmic manner, which it does by means of a 5-stage feedback circuit.

This could be an interesting project if you want to build an LED audio volume kit for use in an audio mixer, on a transmitter, etc... Let us know how it works out!

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