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Flashing LED Circuits

You can do all sorts of cool things with these flashing Light Emitting Diode (LED) circuits.

An LED circuit that alternately flashes two LED's on and off. Perfect for a hazard or warning sign. When one LED is on the other is off.
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A circuit with 8 LEDs that flash in a somewhat random fashion (well it's not actually at random, but it does visually appear that way).
Photo: PIC LED Flasher PIC LED Flasher
Versatile light organ based on PIC microcontroller.
Photo: Flasher Multi Sequential 5 LED Flasher Multi Sequential 5 LED
Flashes five very bright LED's in any one of seven, user-selectable, patterns. A COB (chip-on-board) IC makes assembly very easy; the chip is supplied premounted on its own board and a motherboard contains the entire circuit. Operates on 3 volts DC, batte
Photo: Sequential Flasher 5 LED Sequential Flasher 5 LED
The circuit flashes five LED's in sequence repeatedly until you turn it off. Flash rate is user adjustable. The circuit uses an IC chip on Board which you will then mount on the included mother board; battery holder is included. Powered by a 3 volt supply
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Schematic for an electronic circuit that behaves as an electronic version of a Roulette wheel. Flashed 10 LEDs in sequence with slowing pace until only 1 remains illuminated.
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Electronic circuit schematic that works as a Hangman LED game. Fun game to play with a friend, and very educational and entertaining circuit to build.
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Electronic circuit that connects to phone line and produces and flashing LED and audible sound when there is an incoming call.
A simple circuit that flashes an LED when a cell phone has an incoming call. Uses a coil to pick-up the signal emitted during an incoming call event. Cell phone call detector.
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Ever missed the doorbell because you couldn't hear it? Well this visual doorbell circuit will allow you to see a flashing light instead!
Photo: Led Dice with Slowdown Game Electronic Kit Led Dice with Slowdown Game Electronic Kit
This is an excellent kit for use as an introduction to electronics and circuit analysis. Seven LEDs arranged like a real die face. Push the switch and the die rolls and then slows down, stops. Ingenious circuit design used to minimize components. Uses 140