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Alternating Flashing LED's / Lights - One LED ON, One OFF

Topics: LED Circuits

Create alternating flashing LED's with this 555 timer based LED flashing circuit. Perfect for warning sign or model railroad crossing signal.

Screenshot: Alternating Flashing LED's / Lights - One LED ON, One OFF

This small and simple electronic circuit behaves like the flash lights that you see at dangerous corners where your driving or at a railroad. i.e. it has two LED's / lights that flashes in an alternating fashion. You can use any color LED's e.g. red LED's, green, LED's, yellow, orange, etc.

The circuit has only 6 components, and that's including the 2 LED's. The main part of the circuit is the venerable 555 timer IC. Is there any timing circuit that doesn't use the 555?

  • 1 x 555 Timer IC
  • 1 x 33k Resistor
  • 1 x 120k Resistor
  • 1 x 1 µF (micro-Farad) Capacitor
  • 2 x LED

Anyway... this is perfect if you want to experiment with the 555 timer, build a warning signal for a model railroad, or, well.... just about anything else that might required alternating flashing LED's

Happy soldering!!!

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gysi says: (April 8 2008, 7:06am)

thanks for circuits

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