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Game Show Timer/Buzzer Electronic Circuits

This page has a few game-show circuits that will allow you to play just like the do on the television game-shows.

Screenshot: Game Show Timer/Buzzer Electronic Circuits

Featuring 4 different type of game show buzzers and lighting circuit, there is something for just about everyone, regardless of electronic circuit building experience.

One of the circuits is particularly simple, where is uses Triacs in parallel in order to achieve the switching mechanism. This is ideal for those that just want to build a game-show buzzer/light circuit without having to worry about the in-depth electronics behind the operation.

There are also other circuits that are a bit more complex in how they achieve the gameshow effect, using transistors, zener diodes, etc..

Please let us know how you like this circuits... Oh - and don't forget to tell us who wins the game - he he.

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