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150-300 milliWatt 88-108MHz FM Transmitter by Harry Lythall

Harry Lythall has designed an FM Transmitter circuit that operates between 88 and 108 MHz - the commercial FM broadcasting band.

Screenshot: 150-300 milliWatt 88-108MHz FM Transmitter by Harry Lythall

The transmitter is not Harry's first. In fact, Harry Lythall is pretty famous on the internet for his radio broadcasting circuit designs.

This transmitter is a wideband circuit design that outputs 150-300 milliWatt (mW) depending on DC voltage supply. According to the page, 9 volts delivers 150mW and 12.5 volts delivers 300mW, with a VARICAP modulation technique, and the possibility to add a synthesizer (thus making it a PLL [Phase Locked Loop]).

If you have some kit building experience and you want to build your own FM transmitter, or an oscillator (exciter) for a powerful amplifier, then this is exactly what you should need.

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ElectronicNuts says: (December 29 2007, 3:23am)

Yes Harry is famous and as this page says - this circuit is an adaption of another of his radio projects.

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