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FM Transmitter Radio Circuits

Very small Hi-Fi Stereo FM Transmitter circuit that uses only 1 chip (BA-1404), and is very easy to construct. Operates from 1.5-3 Volts DC (just 1 or 2 AA batteries).
Interesting, hand-drawn schematic for a PLL FM Stereo Transmitter, with approximately 5 Watts RF output power.
The Veronica 1 Watt PLL FM Transmitter is a pretty decent broadcast PLL exciter or transmitter that can be used alone or with an RF power amplifier for high power radio broadcast.
Simple 4-transistor transmitter electronic circuit that produces a Frequency Modulated (FM) signal at approximately 100MHz.
Dick Cappel's page illustrates an extremely basic small FM transmitter that rebroadcasts sounds using a 1.5 Volt battery. very simple circuit.
Schematics / circuit diagrams for a PLL 1 Watt FM radio transmitter that is enclosed in a casing. Oscillator, PLL circuits.
Harry Lythall shares his v7b FM transmitter circuit design. The transmitter outputs 150-300 milliWatts of RF power in the 88-108 MHz band.