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27MHz & 49MHz RC Car Transmitters & Charger - Cheap & Small

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Need to build a radio transmitter for your RC car - these cool little devices operate on 27 and 49 MHz (MegaHertz). They're super cheap and easy to build.

Screenshot: 27MHz & 49MHz RC Car Transmitters & Charger - Cheap & Small

These RC car transmitter circuits are intended for the tiny RC cars... and they operate on just 3 Volts DC, which means that you only need 2 AA batteries to operate them.

These are actually two different types of rc car transmitters. One operates on 27 MHz, and the other operates on 49 MHz. They circuits are almost identical except for a few components that need to be changed in order to compensate for the different frequencies.

Both of the circuits are based on the TX2B chip, which accommodates the rc car turning instructions. There is also a battery charger circuit which can be used to charge the tiny RC cars... have fun!

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