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RC Car Electronics - Remote Control Circuit Diagrams

Topics: RC Cars / RC Cars

A project submitted by students at Cornell, this RC car electronics circuit is the receiver and transmitter for controlling a remote control car. It features speed control and continuous steering function.

Screenshot: RC Car Electronics - Remote Control Circuit Diagrams

The students bought a Tamiya RC car, made sure it was working with it's original electronics, then ripped them all out, and replaced them with other radio modems, with their own communication for the RC protocol.

The original electronics in the RC car provided only 6 levels of speed (3 forward, 2 reverse and neutral). The students opted for an RC design that would allow for more fluid changes in the car's speed and turning, by using an ESC (Electronic Speed Control), done through using a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) implementation. The wider the pulses, the more Voltage the RC car motor gets, and the faster it goes.

Includes RC transmitter and receiver source code, schematics, a full write-up, etc. Great stuff!

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ankur says: (February 22 2008, 1:49pm)

i want to know the simple circuit diagram to make rc car both in land and in water

syidah says: (February 24 2008, 5:56am)

i want to know the simple circuit of water sensor and solar system whenever it combine in one system.

Sathishkumarind says: (March 6 2008, 11:17am)

i want to creat a rc car as my own i need a methods and ideas and circuits and methods for that

ira8 says: (March 21 2008, 7:02am)

i need to build a remote control lawn mower for my final project..do u know how i could get the transmitter and receiver circuit with 6 channel.

dredd41v5 says: (April 8 2008, 3:28pm)

nice site

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