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Audio Amplifiers: Electronic Guitar Amplifier Circuit

Guitar Amp Circuits

Build your own guitar amplifier circuit with these audio amplifiers.

PCB plans and circuit diagram (schematic) for what appears to be an extremely nice 100 watt guitar amplifier. Includes preamplifier and power amplifier circuit diagram and PCBs
This audio amplifier electronic circuit uses MOSFET transistors to create more than 25 Watts output power. Uses IRF530 and IRF9530 MOSFET transistors.
Photo: One Watt Audio Amplifier One Watt Audio Amplifier
1 Watt Audio Amplifier. 8 Ohms impedance. 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Small, few components.
Describes the schematic (circuit diagram) and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for a cheap 100-150 Watt audio amplifier with few components.
Shows an electronic circuit diagram (schematic) for a simple 10 Watt audio amplifier, using only 4 transistors.