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100 Watt Guitar Amplifier Circuit (MkII)

This very interesting guitar amplifier apparently outputs some very nice analog sound. Includes comprehensive circuit diagrams for the preamplifier, power amplifier and power supply - cool.

Screenshot: 100 Watt Guitar Amplifier Circuit (MkII)

Some circuit building experience is a definite must if you want to build this snazzy guitar amplifier. It has many components, and many things that could be adjusted in order to customize it.

Here's an abstract from a comment that a user of this guitar amplifier made (according to the page): "I'm delighted with the P27B/27 combination. It gives me the clear, punchy, uncluttered sound I've been looking for.". Awesome!

The main transistors in the output amplifier are TIP35C's and TIP36C's. It gives an in-depth explanation and tips for making sure that the guitar am circuit operates smoothly, with tips for increasing output power, heatsinks and preventing blown fuses.

A circuit diagram for the required split power supply is also shown, with a good description. Great stuff.

Would love to hear from someone that's built this guitar amplifier!...

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djloui says: (January 15 2008, 9:40pm)

very very good website

ElectroKits says: (January 15 2008, 9:52pm)

Thank you very much djloui,

There's a lot of work that goes into finding and commenting on the circuits that you see on here, and the nice comments are very welcome.

udhayakumar says: (April 15 2008, 2:58pm)

my favour guitar amplifier circuit

afronixs says: (April 16 2008, 10:25am)

thank you

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