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Amplifier Circuits and Kits for Audio, RF, etc..

This relatively simple schematic is an audio amplifier circuit diagram that uses MOSFET transistors to generate more than 25 Watt output.
This is the schematic circuit diagram for electret condenser microphone amplifier. using a 741 Operational Amplifier IC.
This is a circuit diagram for a very cool 40 Watt wideband 88-108 MHz FM amplifier. Requires only half a watt input drive power.
This amplifier schematic/circuit has a very high gain, a pick-up microphone, and it can drive headphones or earphones. Can be run from only 1.5 Volts DC.
This circuit is similar to to the professional grade microphone preamplifier that are used in commercial-grade audio mixing desks, according to the commentary. Features very low noise, balance input and high gain.
This is a relatively simple headphone audio amplifier circuit that features a single amplification stage plus emitter-follower for both Left and Right audio channels, with balance control.
This very interesting guitar amplifier apparently outputs some very nice analog sound. Includes comprehensive circuit diagrams for the preamplifier, power amplifier and power supply - cool.
Now, this is an interesting one. A cheap and quick way to build an audio amplifier with between 100-150 Watts output.
This is a very simple Audio Amplifier circuit diagram (schematic) with an output power of approximately 10 Watts.
This 2.3 GHz RF amplifier has an output power of approximately 1 Watt with between 80-100mW input power.